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The most comprehensive, continuous Offshore Mexico data set. Only from TGS.

The energy reform that took place in Mexico in 2014 ended 25 years of state monopoly and opened the country to foreign capital investment. Since then, the authorities have worked diligently to schedule and promote regular and transparent license rounds. TGS was quick to enter the Mexican market by executing the Gigante exploration program which was designed to create a comprehensive set of products that would facilitate understanding of the entire Gulf of Mexico basin. The Gigante survey provides a regional seismic grid with consistent acquisition and processing parameters that into U.S. GOM data, gravity & magnetic studies, structural interpretations, and evaluation of prospective areas through use of bathymetry and geochemical analyses from seafloor core targets. By utilizing this wealth of information, new prospective areas for 3D surveys have been planned and permitted.

Gigante 2D

Gigante 2D is the most comprehensive and continuous Offshore Mexico dataset available. Gigante covers the vast offshore sector of Mexico, including world class producing trends such as the Perdido fold belt and Campeche Bay, and line ties were made in to the US Gulf of Mexico regional grids previously acquired by TGS. The data was consistently acquired and processed, and is complimented by high quality structural interpretation, multibeam and geochemistry study. The 188,490 km survey was acquired utilizing 5 vessels and consists of 12,000 m offsets dataset. Acquisition was completed in October of 2016. Processing deliverables include: Fast Track PSTM, Final PSTM, Final KPSDM/RTM.

Mexico Multibeam

TGS’ Mexico Multibeam program included acquisition of multibeam data, coring and geochemical analysis data over an area of approximately 622,857 square kilometers in Mexican waters. This project covers the entire deep water area of the offshore sector of Mexico, including world class producing trends such as the Perdido Fold Belt and Campeche Bay. This project was conducted in conjunction with the 188,490 km TGS Gigante seismic survey. TGS’ Mexico Multibeam project commenced in October 2015 and covers 622,857 km². Acquisition ended September 2016. Main Deliverables include raw multibeam and backscatter data, processed bathymetry data, raw sub-bottom profiler data, ArcGIS project with multibeam bathymetry and backscatter, water Column Data, acquisition and a comprehensive processing report.

Mexico Geochemistry

TGS’ Mexico Geochemistry study was conducted by TDI Brooks in conjunction with TGS’ Gigante 2D seismic survey and Multibeam program. A total of 906 conventional 6-meter cores were collected along with 100 20 meter Jumbo Piston Cores and 100 Heat Flow measurements. Acquisition started January 2016 and ended December 2016.
Main Deliverables: Final Geochemistry Report, Final Heat Flow Report, Biostratigraphy and Sedimentation Rate Report, Jumbo Piston Core data report.

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