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TGS leverages core strengths in combining data, AI, and compute power to allow a unique vantage point when making investment decisions in new energy.

Our suite of unique "Pathfinder" map applications allow you to interactively analyze and interrogate a diverse range of data to discover and maximize opportunities in Carbon Storage, Geothermal, and Wind Energy across the globe.

These tools continue to evolve as we add more data types and develop new ways of analyzing that data. Reach out to our team or subscribe to our New Energy Updates newsletter and be the first to learn of new app functionality.

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Our Range of TGS Pathfinders

Geothermal Pathfinder

Combine publicly sourced information with TGS data and interpretation products for geothermal system assessments. An accessible graphic interface allows the visualization of temperatures at relevant stratigraphic units and depths in addition to existing infrastructure.

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Carbon Storage Pathfinder

Explore relationships between global emitters and potential CCS hubs, combining this with subsurface information to review existing geologic resources potentially suitable for Carbon Storage. Let us help you better understand storage opportunities and economics.

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Wind Energy Pathfinder

Visualize global wind energy resources, assess potential wind farm sites, and discover your next investment opportunities through an improved understanding of the energy output potential.

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Deep Sea Minerals Pathfinder

Explore DSM exploration licenses worldwide. Understand areas favorable for further exploration and identify the locations of active and inactive hydrothermal vents.

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