Revolution XII & XIII

Exceptional quality seismic data over one of the most prolific areas in the entire US GOM

Revolution XII & XIII

The Revolution XII and XIII surveys cover 306 OCS blocks (~7,150 square kilometers) in the Green Canyon, Atwater Valley and Ewing Bank protraction areas of the Central Gulf of Mexico. The surveys were designed with offsets of more than 14 kilometers to allow imaging well below the salt. Revolution XII and XIII were acquired using the Schlumberger WesternGeco Q-Marine* point-receiver marine seismic system combined with the proprietary multi-vessel, Dual Coil Shooting acquisition technique that provided broadband, long-offset, full-azimuth data. This combination of leading-edge technology and technique has improved illumination and imaging of the sub-salt and other complex geologic features in this highly active region.

Revolution XII and XIII provides exceptional quality seismic data which is helping exploration and production companies unlock the geology over one of the most prolific and active areas in the GOM. This area consistently attracts high levels of licensing activity in the regular BOEM lease sales.

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Lease Sale 257

The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Land and Mineral Management and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has announced an oil and gas lease sale for the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) on November 17, 2021, in compliance with an order from a U.S. District Court. Lease Sale 257 will include 15,135 unleased blocks located from 3 to 231 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico with water depths ranging from 9 to more than 11,115 feet. 

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