U.S. Onshore Projects

Valuable insights for the best subsurface understanding

Comprehensive Coverage Onshore

TGS' comprehensive coverage and unique combination of seismic and nationwide Well Data Products delivers valuable insights for the best subsurface understanding available.

Data Coverage Onshore US

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Key Areas


  • 11,990 square kilometers


  • 3,145 square kilometers

Permian Basin

  • 2,500 square kilometers

Rockies Region

  • 1,290 square kilometers

Alaska - North Slope

  • Kuukpik 921 square kilometers
  • Aklaq 1,063 square kilometers
  • CRD 130 square kilometers

Well Data Products

TGS provides subsurface intelligence you can trust by sourcing and standardizing high quality well data for Onshore U.S. Take advantage of R360, our singular platform to access the largest volume of high quality digital subsurface data along with easy to use geoscience interpretation products. Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance. For further inquiries about our well data offerings, please reach out to WDPSales@tgs.com

These products are immediately available for Onshore US:

  • Over 4 Million Wells
  • Digital Curves (LAS) 
  • Digital Curves (LAS+) 
  • Digital Curves (PI Logs) 
  • Digital Curves (ARLAS) 
  • Digital Lithology (LAS) 
  • Digital Mud Logs (LAS) 
  • Directional Survey Plus 
  • Log Image 
  • SmartRASTER 
  • Velocity Survey



Regional subsurface interpretation built using TGS’ vast well library include:


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