We provide comprehensive coverage utilizing a unique combination of onshore seismic and well data products that deliver valuable insights for the best subsurface understanding available. 


Our Data Coverage

U.S. Onshore Data Coverage


  • 11,990 square kilometers
  • Includes the Gloss Mountain 3D, Canton 3D, and Kingsberry 3D surveys in the Anadarko Basin


  • 3,500 square kilometers
  • High resolution, wide aperture survey
  • Provides a broad overview of the central Appalachian Basin

Permian Basin

  • 2,700 square kilometers
  • Includes West Kermit 3D survey within the core of the Delaware Basin Wolfcamp area

Rockies Region

  • 1,650 square kilometers
  • Includes the Railgun 3D survey within the Powder River basin
  • Processed using modern land imaging technology

Alaska - North Slope

  • Kuukpik 921 square kilometers
  • Aklaq 1,063 square kilometers
  • CRD 130 square kilometers

Well Data

TGS has the industry's largest well data library comprised of nearly 100 years of public and non-public sources. This data is processed, normalized, and validated to our industry-leading standards with the most up-to-date data available.

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