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The Rockies Region includes the Railgun 3D which encompasses approximately 680 square kilometers in Converse and Campbell Counties, Wyoming within the Powder River basin. The high-resolution survey is ideally located in the high potential trend core of the basin where the prospective stratigraphic section of stacked reservoirs exceeds 5,000 feet in thickness. Unconventional targets include two world class source rocks, the Niobrara and Mowry, along with numerous historically productive tight sand formations including the Turner, Sussex, Shannon, Parkman, Frontier and Teapot, that are now being exploited successfully with unconventional technologies.

The data is processed by TGS utilizing its modern land imaging technology to provide clients with greater reservoir understanding. The Railgun 3D is complemented by TGS' extensive geologic products which include a fully interpreted regional basin stratigraphic model that is analytics-ready, derived from an extensive library of high-quality well data. More than 41,000 LAS logs and over 145,000 raster logs are immediately available for the Powder River Basin.

Products for the Railgun 3D survey are available immediately.

View more Railgun 3D details in the TGS Data Library

Railgun 3D Seismic Survey TGS

Railgun_Line 2101 with JPK Tops

Railgun_Line 1297 with JPK Tops

e.g. JPK Parkman 38' deeper than operator (WYOGCC) Parkman

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