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TGS expands multi-client 2D data coverage in Indonesia

28 January 2010

Perth, Australia (28 January, 2010) - TGS today confirmed its launch of a 2D seismic acquisition program offshore West Papua in East Indonesia. The program adds 2,240 km of new 2D data designed to help evaluate the petroleum potential south of the Salawati Basin. The Salawati Basin is recognised as.

New TGS 3D project in Liberia

26 January 2010

ASKER, NORWAY (26 January, 2010) - TGS has commenced acquisition of the next phase of 3D projects offshore Liberia. This newest project covers Liberia blocks 8 and 9 and totals 5,000 kms2. The MV Polarcus Nadia will acquire the project and TGS will apply advanced pre-stack time and pre-stack depth .


TGS begins the Justice Wide Azimuth project

06 January 2010

Asker, Norway (January 6, 2010) - Seismic acquisition has now been initiated on the Justice Wide Azimuth (WAZ) 3D project in the Gulf of Mexico. The Justice project is a northeast expansion of the existing and contiguous Freedom and Liberty WAZ projects. The survey adds more than 7,800 km2 of WAZ.