TGS Offers Industry-Leading Offshore Seismic Data Using the Smartest Mix of Technologies and Unmatched Imaging Capabilities

  • TGS offers a large library of multi-client offshore seismic data across the globe.

    Through strategic partnerships, TGS offers an exhaustive collection of advanced marine acquisition technologies for enhanced reservoir delineation, characterization and monitoring. This includes narrow, wide and full-azimuth towed streamer seismic, 4D surveys and seabed acquisition systems.

    The Company's multi-client data is licensed to multiple customers through non-transferable data license and widely applied throughout most hydrocarbon exploration and production regions worldwide.

    TGS contracts offshore data acquisition from existing capacity on the market and is able to maintain an asset-light, and agile business model that allows the Company to focus on unrivaled multi-client data. TGS employs the smartest mix of technologies in the acquisition of offshore seismic data including 3D, narrow azimuth, wide azimuth, OBC and long offset 2D.

    The extensive suite of seismic data processing tools and depth imaging capabilities developed by TGS is a driving factor in making the Company one of the premier multi-client offshore seismic data companies in the industry.