Common Risk Segment Mapping

Get the Best Assessments of Basins and Play Fairways for Enhanced Exploration Decision-Making

The ultimate goal of the Play Fairway Analysis is to generate composite Common Risk Segment Maps that illustrate the variable risk areas within each play.

TGS combines individual Common Risk Segment (CRS) grids for each of the risk elements of the petroleum system, reservoir, source, seal and charge. The main inputs to CRS maps are Gross Depositional Environment Maps. These maps define areas of reservoir, source and seal facies for each sequence.

The relative confidence of these elements is quantified from geological and seismic data and integrated with well data, structural interpretation and other relevant inputs. Then the results are mapped to produce component risk maps for reservoir, source and seal.

Additional elements such as reservoir quality, seal effectiveness and source rock maturity can be incorporated into the maps. Each map indicates high, medium and low risk areas for each element being present.

Finally, all of the individual maps are combined into a single composite map highlighting the most prospective areas for the basin.

TGS has completed such interpretations in:

  • East Canada
  • Offshore Southern Brazil
  • UK Atlantic Margin