Focusing intently on the future needs of our customers, over the past decade we have built the largest portfolio in the Europe region and helped to define new frontier exploration zones. Our library includes extensive regional modern 2D coverage, new 3D hubs, P-Cable, seafloor sampling and electromagnetic data. We continue to uplift our dataset with the latest imaging technology, recently applied to our extensive regional 2D databases throughout the region including Portugal, UK, Norway, Greenland and the Sea of Okhotsk.

TGS offers precisely the right geoscience data to help you make informed energy decisions, support future licensing round activities and work progam commitments.

Barents Sea 

TGS’ extensive Barents Sea database offers the perfect exploration dataset for future licensing rounds and annual APA rounds with over 56,000 km2 of 3D data covering most of the prospective plays, 90,000 km of recent broadband processed 2D long offset data, and additional products such as P-Cable, seafloor sampling and electromagnetic data.

3D coverage includes surveys:

Carlsen 5,490 km2

Europa 3,090 km2 

Nansen 6,100 km2 


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North Sea 

TGS’s North Sea Renaissance long offset 2D data consists of over 144,000 km and creates a uniform coverage between Norway and UKCS. The whole dataset is recently broadband processed, Clari-Fi™, and new regional 3D tools are being made (J-Cube). 

3D coverage consists of the North/South Viking Graben surveys (7,400 km2), all broadband processed and acquired 3D data.

North Sea Renaissance long offset 2D

North and South Viking Graben 3D

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Norwegian Sea

The Norwegian Sea is twice as large as the North Sea, covering an area of 289,000 km2 with large producing gas and oil fieldsThe deep-water areas in the west are poorly explored with many quadrants missing a well. Production started over 20 years ago on the Halten Terrace and new deep-water gas production is getting on stream now

TGS' coverage over this area hosts the largest 3D survey carried out by any company in Northern Europe, Atlantic Margin 3D. This survey spans 45,500 km2 in the central-southern Norwegian Sea over largely open blocks in a relatively under-explored area with limited drilling to date. Developed in collaboration with the industry, the survey is designed to address imaging challenges and solve existing and new play models including lower cretaceous pull-apart basins, with high probability of unproven reservoirs and source rocks.

TGS' Atlantic Margin 3D is opening up new frontier areas and provides an opportunity to drive the next wave of exploration. 

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UKCS - North Sea 

TGS has been building up its 3D database throughout the North Sea with new surveys and database acquisition to include Ravenspurn (3,200 km2); Breagh (2,800 km2); Catcher (6,000 km2); MF reprocessing (4,900 km2); ESB (2,700 km2). 

TGS’s North Sea Renaissance long offset 2D data of over 144,000 km has recently been reprocessed using broadband algorithms, Clari-Fi™, to create a uniform dataset between UKCS and Norway. 

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UKCS - West of Shetlands 

The oil and gas industry has been active in the West of Shetlands (WoS) area for the last 40 years with less than 200 wells drilled and only a handful of fields developed. With the government promoting a new regime of UKCS licensing rounds, activity has picked up significantly in the region along with increased drilling.  

To aid in alleviating challenges faced by E&P companies, TGS is investing in providing better-imaged data through acquisition and sub-basalt processing techniques. Our 2D long offset programs cover the WoS, reprocessed using broadband algorithms to form a uniform contiguous dataset and 3D survey, Erlend Wild West 3D (1,200 km2, ties into TGS’ EW12 3D data (1,600 km2), adding to the existing 3D Hub consisting of the 10,000 km2 survey, EOTW.

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Denmark has produced oil and gas since 1972 and has been found in the Danish part of the North Sea. The Central graben is a producing basin still with much exploration potential. 

TGS have been active offshore with brokered datasets and new 2D long offset and broadband processed, Clari-Fi, programs NSR-12DK (725 km); DKR-13 (8,750 km). 

In 2013 a 2D Cube was created (16,716 km2) and a new Cube is under development for the entire North Sea (J-Cube NS) which will include Denmark and all the new 2D data.

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TGS have been active in Greenland since the 1990’s working with the government authorities to promote the region by acquiring a range of geophysical datasets including aeromagnetic, aero gravity, 2D Seismic and seafloor sampling used in licensing rounds. 

West Greenland has seen significant seismic acquisition, TGS’ database totals some 80,000 km of 2D data with acreage build up leading to a major drilling campaign in the west. North East Greenland has been TGS' focus since 2008 and culminated in a Multi-Year acquisition programme on behalf of all licensed operators to fulfill 2D work commitments and increase the regional coverage with over 40,000 km of 2D data. 

This is a high risk but high reward frontier exploration play where supermajors are looking to open up new untapped resources and farm-in opportunities are available for a long-term play. As 3D exploration is currently challenging due to the environment, TGS created a 2D Cube (24,000 km2) covering the license area. 

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Ireland Exploration Policy is for expected License rounds to be held in 2019-2020 and 2022-2023 focused on specific areas. Today Ireland has a very active farm-in/farm-out environment with many potential opportunities following the recent license round. Later this year (2018) a preliminary 2-year period on many newly awarded licenses will end and operators looking to continue to the next phase will need further data.

During 2017, TGS acquired the Crean 3D (6,300 km2) multi-client survey located in the South Porcupine Basin between the Porcupine High and the Irish Mainland Platform. This survey adds to TGS’s Atlantic Margin offering and builds on the exploration success on the Newfoundland Labrador conjugate margin coupled with historical exploration in Atlantic Ireland.  

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TGS have been working offshore Portugal since 2001 with new 2D acquisition and broadband, Clari- Fi™, reprocessing projects.  Surveys suggest the geology off the Portuguese coast closely resembles that of conjugated basins off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada, which currently pump out 170,000 barrels a day.

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