Since the 1990’s TGS has worked with government authorities to promote this region. In 2007 the focus shifted towards Northeast Greenland and culminated in the Multi-Year acquisition programs on behalf of the licensed operators. The area is highly relevant for understanding the Norwegian margin. Excellent source and reservoir rocks can be used as analogues for offshore observations.


Our Data Coverage

Data Coverage in Greenland

Greenland 2D

  • 45,475 km of 2D multi-client seismic data
  • Coverage of the Danmarkshavn and Thetis basins
  • CFI-processed Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM)
  • 6,537 km Pre-Stack Depth Migrated (PSDM)

Greenland 2Dcubed 

  • 24,000 km2 pseudo-3D multi-client seismic coverage
  • Created from 2D data using ‘structurally conformable interpolation’
  • Coverage over the Danmarkshavn Basin

Greenland Aero Gravity & Magnetics Data

  • 103,823 km2 gravity and magnetics survey
  • Coverage of the Danmarkshavn and Thetis basins

NAMS18 Sampling Report

  • Synthesis report presenting our conjugate margin approach for exploring the outer mid-Norway and SW Barents Sea margins
  • Report combines sampling datasets from Vøring, NE Greenland, and Jan Mayen Ridge
  • Integration of seafloor sampling results, geology, and plate reconstructions models to understand the hydrocarbon prospectivity of these exploration areas
  • Merged sampling results from seven Seafloor Sampling surveys acquired from 2000 to 2016  (VTMS00, JMRS11, EGS11, EGS12, ABS12, EGS16, VS16)

Other Sub-Regions

  • Barents Sea
  • Norwegian Sea
  • North Sea
  • West of Shetlands

Barents Sea

Barents Sea THUMBBarents Sea

TGS has more than 35 years of experience delivering seismic data in the Barents Sea and led the way in frontier exploration, resulting in significant discoveries, such as the Wisting Field in the Hoop Fault Complex.

Our modern 3D data coverage includes new acquisition and processing technologies such as P-Cable, TopSeis, Electromagnetic, and seep analysis.

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Norwegian Sea

Norwegian Sea THUMBNorwegian Sea

TGS has led the way in seismic exploration in the Norwegian sea, particularly along the Atlantic Margin. Since 2017 TGS has acquired around 60,000 km2 of high-quality 3D data in the underexplored Møre and Vøring basins.

TGS is a world leader in developing techniques for better imaging of the volcanic basins and intra- and sub-basalt targets through our Sub-basalt Imaging Research (SIR) project and AM20 Laboratory.


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North Sea

North Sea THUMB 1North Sea

The North Sea has been the center of many dramatic seismic advances over the years.

TGS continues to innovate in the area with the world’s largest contiguous dense Ocean Bottom Node  OBN dataset, providing the most detailed subsurface imaging on a grand scale.


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West of Shetlands

West of Shetland THUMB 2West of Shetlands

West of Shetland has recently become the center of exploration and development on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) and, by 2025, is expected to contribute significant UKCS production.


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