TGS offers extensive coverage over hydrocarbon-rich basins and highly prospective Pre Salt trend

TGS surveys in the area include extensive regional 2D programs of both legacy and reprocessed datasets, 3D surveys, interpretive studies (Play Fairway Analysis and Facies Mapping), and most recently a Campos/Santos regional SeaSeep survey that consists of multibeam data acquisition, seafloor coring, and geochemical analysis both inside and outside the pre-salt region.

Brazil database - 137,293 km of 2D TTI PSDM and 5,768 km2 3D TTI PSDM

Brazil Multibeam & Coring

The project will cover existing TGS surveys in these hydrocarbon rich basins as well as the pre-salt trend where many untested structures exist. Data will be available in Q4 2018 over the ‘Round 16’ licensing areas scheduled in 2019. Final results in all areas will be available in late ... Read More

Southern Basins SeaSeep Program

Our Brazil SeaSeep program includes acquisition of multibeam data, coring and geochemical analysis over an area of approximately 200,000 square kilometers, including 330 SGE cores and 33 JPC cores and 33 heat flow measurement locations. In progress; completion date March 2019. Once completed, ... Read More

Olho De Boi

Olho de Boi covers 5,768 km2 located about 60 km northeast of Repsol Sinopec's world class pre-salt discoveries, Gavea and Pão de Açúcar. These are part of the largest-ever oil and gas discovery in the Campos Basin's pre-salt trend, in what many consider to be Brazil's richest oil and gas ... Read More

Campos Basin

The Campos Basin blocks are an extension of the pre-salt play, where multiple world-class discoveries have been made. We have identified multibillion barrel prospects on our own existing high-quality seismic data over these blocks and look forward to working with the government and our ... Read More

Brazil Southern Basin

149,813 km of Southern Basins Regional 2D TTI PSDM
All 2D in cooperation with WesternGeco


TTI Kirchhoff, Phase 1 TTI (2012), Phase 2 Broadband TTI (2015), Phase 3 Broadband TTI (2016)
Santos 2D TTI PSDM: Phase 3 was a complete reprocessing effort that started from field tapes and included full source and receiver deghosting, improved demultiple techniques, TTI model building and ... Read More

South Brazil Interpretation

  • TGS has developed a Sequence Stratigraphic Study and Play Fairway Analysis for basins in the Equatorial margin and Southern basins of Brazil.
  • The sequence stratigraphic study used well data supported by TGS-WesternGeco 2D seismic data to map the depositional systems in each of the ... Read More

Espirito Santo

2D TTI Kirchhoff PSDM (2014) 10,418 km
Data processing was performed by WesternGeco Brazil
Deliverables available: PSDM volumes, gathers and velocity models


2D TTI PSDM (2013) 9,342 km
Camamu is considered a frontier area with complex geology. In joint venture with WesternGeco, advanced processing workflows were prepared for superior depth imaging in which high quality resolution results were delivered. Final PSDM deliverables are available.

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TGS offers subsurface data, including seismic, magnetic and gravity data, multibeam and coring data, digital well and production data as well as processing and interpretation from deepwater offshore to conventional and unconventional onshore plays.

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