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The United States Gulf of Mexico has been a target of large-scale oil and gas exploration for over a century. It currently accounts for 17 percent of the total U.S. oil production and 5 percent of the total gas production. The area has historically been the testing ground for new drilling technologies promoting rigs capable of operating 250 miles offshore in ocean depths greater than 10,000 feet.

TGS data coverage in the GOM:

Declaration M-WAZ

9,600 km2 multi-client M-WAZ survey located in Mississippi Canyon and Viosca Knoll protraction areas of the Central Gulf of Mexico and was acquired to better image deep structural elements while improving subsalt and salt flank illumination. Through integration with TGS’ underlying orthogonal ... Read More

Alonso 3D

Alonso 3D is a multi-client survey comprising 6,172 km2 located in the Atwater Valley and Lloyd Ridge protraction areas of the US Gulf of Mexico. This project allows TGS to extend coverage from a core area in Mississippi Canyon into a more frontier area that is experiencing renewed interest ... Read More

Amendment 3D

The industry’s first and largest ultra-long offset deepwater multiclient OBN survey (Amendment FAN) in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GoM) reaching maximum depths of 2,070 m. The Amendment survey covers 118 OCS blocks utilizing offsets out to 40,000 m and is a modern approach to OBN surveys.

Otos Sea Seep Study

TGS’ Otos multibeam, seep and geochemistry program spans U.S Gulf of Mexico and was designed to mirror the successful Gigante multibeam and sea seep study in the Mexican Gulf of Mexico, conducted in 2016. This program covers approximately 289,000 ... Read More


TGS continued its Explorer Series seismic acquisition program in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico with the addition Panfilo 3D. This project added 11,500 km2 to TGS' multi-client library in the Lund and Henderson Central Gulf of Mexico protraction ... Read More

Amerigo 3D

  • Amerigo 3D, located in the eastern side of the Central Gulf of Mexico through the Lloyd Ridge, Desoto Canyon and Atwater Valley area, commenced late 2012 and covered 7,000 km2 in the Central Gulf of Mexico.
  • Data processing integrated the new Amerigo ... Read More

Fusion M-WAZ

Fusion M-WAZ reimaging program comprises data covering more than 1,166 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) blocks (~27,000 km2) from 3D WAZ programs previously acquired by TGS and Schlumberger between 2008 and 2012. This large reimaging program processed data from the ... Read More

Freedom WAZ and Liberty

Freedom WAZ 3D is located within Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley areas of the deepwater central Gulf of Mexico. The 16,600 square kilometer survey is jointly owned by TGS and WesternGeco. Acquisition was completed in 2009. Liberty WAZ is the sister project to Freedom and extends the ... Read More

Revolution XII/XIII

  • TGS and Schlumberger jointly acquired the Dual Coil Shooting* multivessel full-azimuth acquisition Revolution XII and XIII surveys in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The surveys cover approximately 7,150 km2 (306 blocks) in the Green Canyon, Atwater Valley and Ewing ... Read More


  • The Justice project is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is a northeast expansion of the existing and contiguous Freedom and Liberty WAZ projects.
  • The survey added more than 7,800 km2 of WAZ coverage to the TGS portfolio and covers portions of the ... Read More


  • In partnership with WesternGeco, TGS commenced acquisition of Patriot 3D multi-client wide azimuth (WAZ) survey in 2011 that spanned 11,655 km2 in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Patriot WAZ 3D, was the first orthogonal WAZ survey covering a large portion of the ... Read More

Independence WAZ 3D

  • Multi-client PSDM project ~3,500 km2 acquired by WesternGeco’s four-vessel WAZ fleet, 8100 m offsets, completed June 2012.
  • Independence provided addition seismic data to TGS' Constitution group of WAZ projects, including Freedom, Liberty and Justice, ... Read More

Orion 3D

  • Orion is TGS’ 9,000 meter streamer offset multi-client 3D survey located in the Gulf of Mexico that began acquisition in early 2008. 
    Orion 3D covers approximately 175 OCS blocks (4,100 square kilometers) in the Lloyd Ridge OCS area. The exploration potential for this ... Read More


  • Multi-client ocean bottom seismic surveys
  • Nessie completed in Q1 2015, Ogo continued throughout 2015
  • Survey covers a number of existing fields and exploratory acreage on the Central Gulf of Mexico shelf
  • Part of multi-year collaboration agreement with FairfieldNodal


Multi-client 3D survey in the frontier Atwater Valley area of the Central Gulf of Mexico covering 6,700 km2  and leverages adjacent TGS 3D data and utilizes TGS’ Clari-Fi™ broadband processing technology.

U.S. Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 254 Results

U.S. Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 254 Results

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Department of the Interior held the GOM Lease Sale 254 on March 18, 2020.

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GOM Lease Sale 254 


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The most comprehensive, continuous Offshore Mexico data set. Only from TGS.

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