Anadarko Basin

The Anadarko Basin is a mature hydrocarbon producing region which remains one of the most significant and active exploration and development areas in the onshore US.

TGS’ industry leading geoscience data position in the SCOOP/STACK play offers clients nearly 9,000 km2 of contiguous, modern, high density and high fold 3D data in this prolific trend.

TGS’ seismic surveys are accompanied by its extensive geologic products database in the SCOOP/STACK, comprising data from over 100,000 wells and multiple interpretive products including an innovative Basin Temperature Model.

Gloss Mountain 3D

Approximately 1,500 km2 in Major and Woods counties Oklahoma, north of TGS' Canton 3D and Loyal Complex 3D.

Canton 3D

Approximately 1,400 km2 north of TGS' Loyal Complex, targeting the high potential Mississippian Chester, Osage and Meramec intervals in the heart of the prolific SCOOP/STACK play fairway.

Hackberry Complex 3D

North of TGS' Loyal 3D Complex, this survey covers 777 km2 predominantly in Garfield County in the state of Oklahoma, targeting a high potential area in the core of the prolific Mississippian Chester and Meramec intervals of the SCOOP/STACK play fairway.

Loyal Complex 3D

The Loyal 3D survey is located on Oklahoma’s STACK trend spanning approximately 1520 km2 over Kingfisher and Grady counties. This project is designed to image subsurface targets from Pennsylvanian through theOrdovician.  Loyal lies in the core of ... Read More

Geary 3D

200 km2 located southwest of our Loyal 3D complex, this high-resolution Oklahoma data lies within Blaine, Canadian and Kingfisher counties.

Blanchard 3D

Blanchard 3D spans approximately 1475 km2 over Grady and McClain counties.The survey lies in the core of the South Central Oklahoma Oil Play (SCOOP), which targets the prolific Woodford Shale and the emerging Springer Shale play. Blanchard 3D is ... Read More


Well Data in the SCOOP/STACK

TGS has created the most complete commercially available database of products in the Anadarko Basin with over 200,000 wells including thousands of previously unidentified wellbores.

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