We interpret geological and geophysical datasets to support the entire exploration cycle from regional interpretations through to detailed prospect evaluations, including petrophysical and volumetric analyses.

Improve Understanding Through Regional Interpretation

To maximize the value of subsurface datasets, it is vital to integrate geological, geophysical and petrophysical data. This is critical from the large-scale regional play-based work to detailed prospect mapping. We use our extensive experience to integrate the data and provide an advancement of the client's understanding of the area and help fast-track the work program.

Existing Interpreted Seismic Data Products

Our geoscientists work with the data from acquisition design and operations through input to processing workflow and velocity models, which allows complete immersion in the datasets. Our multi-client datasets across the globe, in both regional scale 2D basin-wide areas and in 3D areas, benefit from interpretation to help with the understanding of the area and advance the value that can be realized from the data. In 2D areas, seismic interpretation, fault grids and regional reports are often available. In 3D areas, advanced workflows and prospectivity analysis can be provided to fast-track development.

TGS - Seismic Interpretation