2DCubed is a structurally conformable interpolation engine that uses 2D data and creates a 3D volume that is interpretable on a regional scale. This allows the user to fully utilize the capability of their 3D interpretation software on 2D, which not only improves the analysis, it aids the communication of the geological play.

2D Cubed - TGS - Geological Play

Turning 2D into 3D for Regional Screening

Our workflow uses an advanced structurally conformable interpolation algorithm to maximize the potential of existing 2D multivintage and 3D data. The first step is to create a unified 2D dataset from existing data by demigrating and then matching amplitude and phase. Dip and coherency attributes are estimated and this information is used to guide the interpolation of a 3D volume, which is then 3D migrated. The volume can be used for regional interpretation and optimization of 3D survey design and positioning.

Technical Details

2DCubed is a regional screening tool to identify structures. It allows you to decide where to acquire 3D data. The gross structural picture is validated, but obviously, smaller-scale features are limited and 3D data is required.

After Survey Matching - 2D Cubed - TGS - Experience

2DCubed Experience

We have processed and generated more than 2,300,000 km2 of 2D cubed data in various basins around the world, over 75% of which has been generated since 2020. The project size has varied from as little as 1,000 km2 to over 500,000 km2.