We utilize the latest seismic processing technologies to extract maximum value from collected data. Our experience ranges from 20-m water depths down to 3000 m, with offsets exceeding 80 km, utilizing standard airgun arrays and enhanced frequency sources such as Gemini.

TGS - Ocean Bottom Node (OBN)
TGS - Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) - Ocean Bottom Seismic
Legacy image and model
TGS - Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) - Ocean Bottom Seismic (2)
Final image with OBN data and FWI model

Ocean Bottom Seismic

Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) data, and sparse OBN, is ideally suited for Dynamic Matching Full Waveform Inversion (DM FWI). The processing toolkit for OBN includes 3D curvelet, sparse tau-p, and 3D fk domain algorithms, along with dedicated receiver domain-based deblending routines. 

OBN data is ideally suited for 4D monitoring, our work flows and processing philosophies are keenly suited to maintain 4D compliant processing.  Modern water column dynamics corrections and source designature methods any survey variations can be corrected for.


OBN data contains not only the upgoing and downgoing wavefields typically processed in shallow and deep water environments but also high-fidelity horizontal recordings of shear waves as well. The horizontal geophone data can be processed to refine elastic properties, improving FWI results. For example, for elastic and rock properties, pore pressure can be estimated and predicted in reservoir rocks even under complex salt canopies.

TGS - Ocean Bottom Node - OBN - Multicomponent
TGS - Ocean Bottom Node - OBN - Multicomponent
OBN Experience - TGS - Imaging and Processing

OBN Experience

We have more than 25 ocean bottom seismic projects processed multi-client and proprietary with more than 450,000 sensor locations. The sensor spacing is from 50 m by 100 m and up to 1,200 m by 1,200 m. 

Projects have ranged from one source to nine simultaneous blended sources, with OBN-specific deblending algorithms, all energy can be separated into each unique shot event without compromising deep or weak signal.