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Why Lebanon?

The basin evolution offshore Lebanon suggests the presence of Early Miocene sandstones with good reservoir properties, mainly originating from the Nile Delta.  These sands can be seen to thicken into the main depocenter of the Levant basin. Additional clastic reservoirs may be confirmed in shallower targets from the Late Miocene and directly beneath the Messinian salt. The Levantine Basin is a well-established gas province with exploration potential for oil plays. Oil-prone source rocks are known from outcrops and offshore wells; their seismic response is compatible with the geophysical signature of organic-rich shales.

Well data throughout the region offshore Cyprus and on the edges of the Nile delta, where the well penetration is deeper, show evidence of Oligocene source rock. A comprehensive 3D basin modeling has identified compelling indications for a basin-wide oil generative system. The TGS study was conducted on the known source rock intervals, including an extensive dataset of relevant wells.

Our Data Coverage

Our Data

TGS 3D seismic data offshore Lebanon illuminates a variety of large 4-way deep closures, with internal fault segregation created by simple geological structures. The hydrocarbon prospects are generated with a high level of confidence, and multiple pay zones can be identified.  The TGS seismic focuses on the outboard, where the reservoir interval will be thicker and more well-developed.
TGS offers a comprehensive suite of East Mediterranean products, including:
  • 5,358 km2 of 3D seismic data covering areas open to exploration.
  • 22,645 km of modern 2D seismic, much of which has been broadband reprocessed and depth migrated.
TGS Seismic Data Example - AME - Lebanon - Tamar sand play
Data example includes the continuation of the Tamar sand play.

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