eFTG Ganope Plane - Egypt Onshore

High-Resolution eFTG in Egypt

In partnership with Metatek-Group, we have been granted exclusive rights to acquire high-resolution eFTG (enhanced Full tensor Gravity Gradiometry) within Egypt. The program includes a regional airborne eFTG multi-client survey, utilizing the world’s most advanced gravity imaging system and magnetic and lidar data. The survey will be undertaken as a multi-year acquisition covering both onshore and offshore Egypt.

The first phase of the project, completed in 2020, covers an area of approximately 120,000 square kilometers, over which Ganope manages and supervises all upstream and downstream oil and gas activities. The survey will provide sufficient data on the geological structures and sedimentary basins in Upper Egypt to enable the Egyptian government to launch new international onshore bid rounds for the region.

Enhancing Understanding in Upper Egypt

The Ganope Petroleum Company manages and supervises all upstream and downstream oil and gas activities in Egypt between latitudes 28°and 22°N. This Upper Egypt Desert is a vast terrain of dunes interspersed by rugose ridges and a large north–south trending valley.

eFTG Airborne Gravity Austin Bridgeporth Egypt - Egypt Onshore

Our Data Coverage

New License Round Announced by EGPC & Ganope 

Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has announced a new exploration bidding round with the regulators EGPC and Ganope. Three of the 23 blocks in Upper Egypt are covered by our Enhanced Full Tensor Gradiometry (eFTG) data. Our modern 3D multi-client seismic data covers three more blocks in the Red Sea. There are four blocks in the Red Sea, seven in the Gulf of Suez, two in the Eastern Desert and 10 in the Western Desert. Offers and inquiries related to the auction can be received until April 1, 2024.


The Upper Egypt Desert 

Exploration in the Upper Egypt Desert landscape dates back 50 years, and exploration has slowed significantly in recent years, primarily because three wells were drilled into the shallow basement, seemingly condemning the area. This view was amplified by several renowned publications showing a shallow basement that extends over much of Ganope’s Upper Egypt area. The eFTG multi-client survey is the first high-resolution dataset continuously covering this frontier area.

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