Why Namibia?

The opening plays of Graff and Venus revealed the light oil play in the deepwater Orange Basin. The Venus discovery proves the prolific Aptian source rocks deposited in the outboard basin depocentre in the deepwater west of the Outer High.

It is thought to be only the beginning of the immense success of the deepwater Namibian and South African margins, as demonstrated by the additional light oil discovered within the Orange basin at Jonker-1X well

Late Cretaceous Clastic plays with Aptian oil source; Venus is of Apto-Albian age, Graff possibly Turonian-Santonian.

In partnership with the NAMCOR, TGS offers over 50,000 line km of reprocessed multi-client 2D data extending over Namibia's Orange Basin, including ties into these key wells.

Namibia Celebrates Continued Exploration Success

The Orange basin continues to bring good news to those exploring offshore Namibia. Here are some of the recent exploration highlights:

1 Namibia Venus BEST scob-047 Greyscale
Venus discovery AVO response on TGS 2D seismic data  (click arrow to compare)
1 Namibia Venus BEST scob-047 FNF
Venus discovery AVO response on TGS 2D seismic data  (click arrow to compare)

Our Data Coverage

Prospectivity Insight

TGS holds over 97,500 km of 2D data across Namibia and South Africa's Orange Basin, including cross-border surveys and those covering the area of these two recent light oil discoveries.

With the world-famous hydrocarbon sequence in the Karoo onshore in Namibia, the offshore areas rely on the Cretaceous Basins and their working petroleum system throughout late rift, transition, and break-up eras. The Outer High comprises large seaward dipping reflectors during the transition to the oceanic crust, providing significant trapping mechanisms for hydrocarbons in the deepwater Orange Basins, a unique scenario for this Southern Atlantic margin.

GEO Expro - Namibia - Fig1

Fig: Example 2D seismic section from the SCOB12 survey offshore Namibia, which was reprocessed in 2019. Click on the image for a larger view.

The petroleum system south of Walvis Ridge is salt-free, and magma-rich, and encompasses the Walvis, Luederitz, and Orange Basins (Namibia and South Africa). Hydrocarbons in the system have been proven north, and south in these basins for clastic and carbonate plays. Oil was found in Wingat in the Walvis Basin, gas in Orange Basin with Kudu, and oil and gas with A-J1 and Ibhubesi offshore South Africa. Graff and Venus added light oil to the central Orange Basin for the outboard plays.

Various plays, both clastics, and carbonates, are widely tested but also largely unexplored. The Outer High provides an over-regional trapping mechanism for the basin floor fan plays outboard, which makes the frontier deepwater an attractive and promising exploration area.

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