We offer a wide variety of industry-leading energy data and insights that span the entire Gulf of Mexico, including ultra-long offset node 3D surveys, 2D regional surveys, well log data and more to support industry needs in this highly prospective area


Our Data Coverage

GoM Lease Sale 261

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is mandated to conduct Lease Sale 261, as directed by a recent ruling from the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. The lease sale, initially scheduled for September and subject to multiple postponements due to legal disputes, is now rescheduled for December.


Data Coverage in U.S. Gulf of Mexico

Engagement II

  • 168 OCS Blocks
  • Ultra-long offset node survey
  • Extends ultra-long offset data coverage in the extremely prolific central Green Canyon protraction area

Amendment II

  • 156 OCS blocks
  • Ultra-long offset node survey
  • Extends the footprint of ultra-long offset data in the Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley protection areas

Sophies Refocus

  • 6,175 KM2 OBC & NAZ Program
  • Reprocessed using Dynamic Matching FWI
  • Provides new insight into the prospectivity within the deeper sub-salt section

Declaration Refocus

  • 380 OCS blocks
  • Reprocessing of Multi WAZ & legacy NAZ in Mississippi Canyon & Viosca Knoll protraction areas

Engagement I

  • 126.3 OCS Blocks
  • Ultra-long offset node survey
  • Extends the footprint in the Northern Green Canyon protraction area

Amendment I

  • 118 OCS blocks
  • Ultra-long off-set node survey
  • Combined with the underlying WAZ & DM FWI processing, these data provide step change in subsalt imaging

Well Data

TGS has the industry's largest well data library comprised of nearly 100 years of public and non-public sources. This data is processed, normalized, and validated to our industry-leading standards with the most up-to-date data available.

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