Paper Summary

The sedimentary basin development of the Barents Sea has been influenced by the formation of three Large Igneous Provinces (LIPS): The end-Permian (ca. 250 Ma) Siberian Traps, the Early Cretaceous (ca. 125 Ma) High Arctic LIP, and the Paleogene (ca. 55 Ma) North Atlantic Volcanic Province. Siberian Traps volcanics are present in an extensive area in Siberia, including the Tunguska Basin, the West Siberian Basin, and likely in the southern Kara Sea. There is no evidence of Siberian Traps volcanics in the Barents Sea. However, the latest Permian-earliest Triassic (Induan) is a time of changing environment and rapid basin subsidence with sediment infill from the southeast in the eastern Barents Sea. The High Artic LIP is more diffuse. Extrusive and intrusive volcanics rocks are outcropping on Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, and are wide-spread offshore in the north.