Paper Summary

This study is based on the series of field works on Bel kov Island (Eastern Laptev Sea region) and Khatanga Bay area (Western Laptev Sea region). It is widely known, that the Laptev Sea region is one of the remote and geologically complex areas of Russian Eastern Arctic. According to the existing seismic data, a number of large offshore sedimentary basins with significant proposed hydrocarbon potential, but very controversial in age and composition, were revealed on its shelf. No offshore wells were drilled there so far, thus all the information on the regional geology, is based on the very limited amount of marine seismic profiles and our knowledge on adjoining near-coastal areas. Here we are focusing on the problems of structural geology of the region studied. During the field works we have collected significant amount of structural-geological data, which allowed us to restore the main stages of structural/tectonic evolution of the Western and Eastern Laptev Sea region.