Paper Summary

Wrangel Arch represents the extensive (more, than 500 km) ~ E-W trending oshore basement high, separating the well-known shelf depressions: North and South Chukchi (Hope) sedimentary basins, lled by more than 16-18 km of Late Paleozoic(?)-Tertiary and up to 5-6 km of Aptian(?)-Tertiary sequences respectively. The onshore exposures of the Arch are known on Cape Lisbourne (Alaska) and on Wrangel Island in Russian sector. Our study of the Arch is based on the TGS 2D seismic data of 2006 survey in Russian Chukchi Sea and onshore geological observations on the Central and Western parts of the Wrangel Island. It is likely that the Wrangel Arch represent the northwestern extension of the Herald Arch-Lisburne Hills fold belt.