Paper Summary

There has been a continually expanding interest in wide azimuth (WAZ) data in all its variations. We are now challenged to take full advantage of the additional information available with minimal compromise. It has been shown that the wider azimuths alone do not supply a dataset sufficient for the full range of processing that must be applied for quality imaging. The narrow azimuth (NAZ) portion of the data is also necessary for shallow imaging as well as multiple prediction and attenuation. Final imaging and both 3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME) and Wave Field Extrapolation (WFE) methods of demultiple benefit from the presence of near offset / narrow azimuth data. In this paper we present the use of narrow azimuth data from a pre-existing survey to enhance the overall azimuth and offset distribution in a wide azimuth survey with primary emphasis on better prediction of multiples with WFE method.