A Visualization Tool for Exploring Hydrocarbon Potential for Specific Regions

  • The Facies Map Browser (FMB) is a unique and proprietary application designed specifically to deliver the results of Sequence Stratigraphic Studies. All well data can be displayed either as a single well view or as part of a correlation. Gross Depositional Environment maps can be displayed with associated and relevant well data. All the data can be queried as necessary and the results displayed in either graph or map format.

    FMB Primary Benefits:

    • Helps delineate source, seal and reservoir for use in predictive exploration
    • Provides a robust framework for play modeling and exploration work
    • Fast tracks understanding of basin development and shortens exploration cycle time

    The FMB aims to be the primary tool for exploration across each hydrocarbon province. It can be regularly updated with newly drilled wells. Revisions to subsequent facies maps provide an ever-increasing level of detail. The whole product is designed to provide both an extensive data repository of wireline and interpretive stratigraphy. It also provides a detailed regional basin understanding within a robust geological model for developing ideas and play concepts.

    A Robust Visualization Application

    The FMB is a Visualization application for the review of depositional system models across a basin through time. These models are based on a comprehensive, interpreted well database, tied to reference seismic volumes. Furthermore, the FMB presents modeled details of the preserved section of the basin, with an audit trail to provide context and background detail for the conclusions presented.

    FMB includes a suite of integrated applications that allow the user to perform a range of visualization, manipulation, data analysis techniques and exports.These applications include:

    • Well Panel - A core component of the FMB, providing access to the primary licensed interpreted well data
    • Glide - The interactive map viewer and data analysis tool for the FMB
    • Query Tool - The Query Tool enables exploration led queries made directly from the licensed data. It provides opportunity to generate value outputs directly from the FMB.

    Northwest Europe FMB

    The Northwest Europe Facies Map Browser (FMB) covers the entire UK and Norwegian North Sea together with the Irish and UK Atlantic Margin, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea. The product comprises over 4,000 wells and up to 90 Gross Depositional Environment Maps. The products are updated on an annual basis with newly released wells. Each area can be licensed individually.

    Australia FMB

    The FMB in the Northwest Shelf of Australia covers the Browse and Bonaparte Basins. They include data and interpretation from over 250 wells and 35 Gross Depositional Environment Maps. Products are updated on an annual basis with newly drilled wells. Each basin can be licensed individually or as a pair.