A best-in-class standardized & interpreted well dataset that allows geoscientists to understand regional and field subsurface stratigraphy and the depositional environment. All data is delivered via proprietary cloud-based software.




Facies Map Browser

The Facies Map Browser (FMB) provides access to comprehensive, well-based stratigraphic interpretation and sequence-constrained facies maps. Evolved over 20 years and updated regularly, the FMB is established as an invaluable resource that provides the most current subsurface data and expert geologic knowledge to accelerate regional hydrocarbon and carbon storage assessment.

Geographic Areas for FMB

FMB well and map datasets are delivered via our cloud-based proprietary software, allowing users to query and visualize interpreted wells and facies maps and quick access to source data and a regional cross-border stratigraphic framework.

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Benefits of FMB

Our customers employ the FMB to understand basin and paleoenvironment evolution, streamlining license applications and exploration risk reduction by integrating comprehensive geological and seismic data. This facilitates efficient decision-making in hydrocarbon exploration, asset evaluation and environmental projects.

A Robust Visualization Application

FMB data is delivered in an easy-to-use cloud-based software, which includes a suite of integrated tools that allow the user to perform a range of visualization, manipulation, data analysis techniques, and exports.

The application includes:

  • Map Viewer - The interactive viewer for GDE and facies maps and tools for spatial data analysis of FMB data.
  • Well Viewer - Enables well data visualization in Single-well, Multi-Well (with the ability to correlate), and Geological Age (Wheeler) views.
  • Search & Export Manager - It is an easy way to mine the database, create custom queries, and export data in industry-standard formats directly from the FMB database.

FMB Connect Web Services (API)

Use FMB Connect web services to incorporate FMB well and map data seamlessly into your workflows, applications and databases. 

  • Integrate FMB well and map data with your internal systems to automate data management processes.
  • Optimize productivity with data integration across applications and access to up-to-date data for decision-making and technical evaluation.
  • Integrate TGS data with proprietary and other 3rd party data to optimize workflows.

FMB Loaded to Petrel
Streamline data management workflows by leveraging our preloaded Petrel E&P software projects, including all the well-based FMB deliverables.


Access Data on the Go

The FMB cloud app offers a new user experience that redefines how users interact with this best-in-class standardized and interpreted well dataset. The cloud-based architecture provides users with a flexible and convenient platform to access critical subsurface data from anywhere, including mobile and tablet devices.

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