Featured in Wind Energy Network, Issue 75, 2024 by Espen Krogh, TGS


The proliferation of windfarms, including pioneering installations like floating offshore platforms, has led operators to navigate a complex landscape. With operational and maintenance (O&M) practices evolving alongside technological advancements, optimising cost and safety has become predominant.

Windfarms generate vast amounts of data, originating from sensors monitoring turbines, support structures and substations. Managing this data across portfolios presents challenges, including ensuring reliability, maintaining data quality and addressing cybersecurity threats.

Drawing from decades of experience across various industries, TGS, powered by Prediktor, has developed the Prediktor Data Gateway product. Utilised in large-scale projects such as Doggerbank, the Prediktor Data Gateway ensures reliable data transmission and standardises data context using industry-standard information models. This eliminates the need for manual data interpretation, facilitating efficient scaling of O&M applications across portfolios.

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