Data Management

Best in class, world-leading data management solutions for onshore and offshore wind, developed in collaboration with a leading multinational energy company.

Data Management: From Data to Value

Our Data Management software, Prediktor APIS is a component-based architecture that serves Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) interoperability purposes with various industry-standard protocols and approaches. It utilizes OPC UA technologies to strive for interoperability and openness in industrial operations. This architecture’s component strategy assures that each deployment can balance the right level of functionality and complexity without sacrificing robustness. 

Through industry-unique standardization, Prediktor APIS provides a unified way of accessing and displaying all kinds of data associated with your wind asset. This results in a highly efficient ‘software platform’ that can quickly and easily build practical IIoT applications at scale.

Structure your data

Contextualize your industrial data sources and make unlimited, real-time system integrations and Industrial IoT an operational reality.

Wind Data Management MAP Gateway

Prediktor APIS Whitepaper

Our whitepaper describes the Prediktor MAP Gateway, which addresses four key pillars of Industrial Information Management within the Industrial Internet of Things-world (IIoT), namely:

• Interoperability
• Reliable & secure connectivity
• Contextualization
• Elimination of application engineering efforts

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