Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology for Sustainable Energy Solutions

For over a century, Akershus Energi has been a front-runner in renewable energy, pioneering advancements since the completion of the Rånasfoss hydropower facility in 1922. Today, their legacy extends into a comprehensive energy organization, encompassing bioenergy, district heating, district cooling, solar, wind, and hydrogen technologies.


The Challenge: Embracing the Digital Frontier

In the face of managing a vast array of dispersed assets, Akershus Energi recognized the imperative for technological innovation, embarking on their Digital Roadmap in 2019 as a cornerstone of their corporate strategy. The mission? Propel digitalization across operations, particularly in hydropower. Siri Revelsby, Director of Growth at Akershus Energi, underscores the pivotal role of digitalization in meeting future energy demands sustainably.


Siri Revelsby - Director of Growth Akershus Energi

Siri Revelsby, Director of Growth at Akershus Energi


Why Go Digital? Insights from Siri Revelsby

Siri Revelsby emphasizes “Our vision is to achieve climate and ecological positivity while delivering substantial societal value through energy production. To realize these ambitions, comprehensive, high-quality data accessibility across our assets is imperative for optimizing all operational facets.”


Choosing TGS, powered by Prediktor: A Synergy of Innovation

In their quest for a digitalization partner, Akershus Energi found TGS (formerly Prediktor) to possess both the solutions and the expertise requisite for their journey. A fundamental challenge was to source a provider capable of segregating data from applications while preserving absolute data sovereignty.

TGS, powered by Prediktor, boasting over 30 years of proficiency in energy asset digitalization, proved to be the ideal collaborator for Akershus Energi's digital aspirations.

Partnering since 2019, Prediktor Data Gateway seamlessly aggregates and delivers real-time operational data. Employing industry-standard protocols, TGS, powered by Prediktor, ensures data security and accessibility, empowering Akershus Energi with unmitigated control over their invaluable data.


The Results: Unleashing Digitalization's Potential

“Through strategic digitalization initiatives, our aim is to streamline maintenance expenses, optimize production, and augment energy production value,” reveals Revelsby.

Predictive Maintenance: High-fidelity data facilitates precise monitoring of power plant components, facilitating maintenance scheduling based on empirical insights. Revelsby elaborates, “Leveraging high-quality data, we can proactively monitor critical component conditions, optimizing maintenance intervals based on empirical evidence.”

Production Optimization: Data integrity underpins intelligent production balancing solutions. High-fidelity data fosters more accurate forecasts, mitigating production forecast uncertainties.

In essence, Akershus Energi's digital evolution with Prediktor Data Gateway has empowered them to execute data-informed decisions, ensuring enhanced operations, heightened performance, and ultimately, a sustainable and optimized future in renewable energy.


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Akershus Energi’s website: https://akershusenergi.no/