Transforming Complex Data into Easy-to-Understand Information

Optimize your energy data management with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution


Data Management: From Data to Value

Collect operational data and make it available for your production team in real time. Understand what is happening by adding standardized OPC UA information models and connect the data with your favorite applications and platforms.

The Prediktor Data Management System

From a single asset to hundreds of assets, our Data Management System makes using your operational data easy.

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Collect & Store

Collect all your operational data and store it with the best available loss-less compression

Structure your data

Transform your complex data into easy-to-understand information with OPC UA standardized information models

Optimize your Operations

Analyze the operational health with your favorite applications and platforms to enable optimal decisions

1-icon  Collect & Store

Prediktor APIS: 

Connect IT and OT for secure, streamlined operations. The Prediktor OPC UA Gateway Historian collects operational data from sensors, devices, machines, and automation systems over a variety of protocols, including OPC and OPC UA, and can both store massive amounts of data and forward data to other systems on several protocols. 

Data Collection
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 Structure Your Data

Prediktor APIS: 

Transform your complex data into easy-to-understand information. Open standard information models contextualize your data to give you repeatable plug-and-play interoperability across assets and vendors. The contextualization also secures ease of integration with best-in-class applications and unlocks the full potential of Industrial IoT.


 Optimize Your Operations

Prediktor APIS: 

Connect your decision makers to the process data in Prediktor OPC UA Gateway Historian, enabling them to get real value from the raw sensor data.

Data Organizing

Data Management Case Studies

Read how Prediktor, a TGS company, helped to drive the standardization of OPC UA
in the energy industry, working together with Scatec, Equinor, and Microsoft.


Download SCATEC Case Study PDF      Download EQUINOR Case Study 2 PDF

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