Data Agility with TGS Data Verse

Free your business from data chaos and drive it toward unprecedented success with TGS Data Verse.


Elevate Your Data Management Strategy with TGS Data Verse

In a world of data complexity, TGS Data Verse streamlines data management in days instead of months, slashing storage costs by over 30% with MDIO technology.  Say farewell to fragmented sources and embrace a unified, secure, standardized approach. Scale effortlessly, adapt to changing markets without the burden of excess infrastructure and gain real-time insights that empower agile decisions that fuel your analytics and ML endeavors. Simplify data management, eliminate high costs and unlock a unified view of data excellence.


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Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

  • Save storage cost by 30%+ due to MDIO technology
  • Faster data access for more efficient workflows
  • Eliminate complexities and simplify data management in the cloud
  • Scale for changing market demands 

Data Analysis and Decision-making

  • Leverage TGS’ ML/AI-ready platform to identify patterns and trends
  • Utilize TGS’ 30+ years of deep data expertise so you can focus on core business operations
  • Align your digital journey with the industry’s pioneers of OSDU API services 

TGS Data Lake

Leverage our several decades of data management experience to optimize your data on a fully managed platform. Securely store, manage, and analyze your data in the cloud to extract invaluable insights on demand.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Manage critical data assets by establishing a single version of the truth, improving data quality, establishing data governance policies, enabling data integration across systems, and ensuring data security. 

OSDU Integration

Take advantage of our OSDU expertise. We have successfully implemented an OSDU Well Data EDS solution in production, positioning us as one of the pioneers with significant expertise in this area. By entrusting us with your OSDU journey, you can rest assured that our proven track record and specialized knowledge will be leveraged to deliver top-notch results. 

Multidimensional Input/Output (MDIO)

MDIO stands out as a pioneering open-source platform dedicated to the advanced management of multi-dimensional energy data. Beyond achieving more than 30% savings in cloud storage, its prowess lies in efficiently handling and organizing intricate data from prestack seismic to wind modeling data. While it significantly elevates data management in the seismic and renewable energy arenas, it always evolves to serve a broad spectrum of industries.


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MDIO: Open-source Format for Multidimensional Energy Data

1 July 2023 - MDIO is a fully open-source data storage format that enables computational workflows for various high-dimensional energy data sets, including seismic data and wind models...

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A Machine Learning Workflow for Log Data Prediction at the Basin Scale

1 Feb 2023 - Log data recorded by wireline tools are incomplete in most well locations. Vital information often needs to be predicted to precisely characterize the Earth's subsurface. Here we describe a machine learning...

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