Papua New Guinea

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Gulf of Papua

Papua New Guinea has established itself as a strong player in the oil and gas industry. With one major LNG project up and running and with the proposed development of two additional projects underway it has marked out its importance in the Asia Pacific markets and will likely continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

TGS’ 2D data coverage offshore Papua New Guinea is located in the Gulf of Papua.

The Lahara 2D survey is a regional dataset located in the Gulf of Papua enabling prospectivity assessment. The dataset was reprocessed utilizing modern broadband PSDM techniques in 2016.

Additional pre stack reprocessing and post stack data is available in the shallow water Gulf of Papua & Fly River Delta.

Proven commercial hydrocarbons are found onshore and in the shallow water Gulf of Papua with significant upside potential remaining.

Play types in the offshore are the proven slope channel and basin floor fan play, the proven Miocene carbonate platform & reef play in the west, thrust front play in the east with the extension of the Papuan fold belt into the offshore (play is proven onshore) and the Mesozoic Rift play in the outboard rifted continental crust.

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