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Industry-Leading Offshore Seismic Data

TGS has been active in Australia since 1998 building up an extensive database which consists of 2D, 2Dcubed and 3D seismic data, gravity and magnetics data and Facies Map Browsers in the Carnarvon, Roebuck, Browse, Bonaparte and Otway Basins.

Australia is an attractive investment location with abundant energy resources for exploration and development. Australia is a low risk environment with a supportive government and is close to growing Asia-Pacific markets.

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Key to success in Australia

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The Australian Government encourages ongoing investment in, and development of, Australia’s offshore petroleum (oil and gas) resources. The annual Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release (acreage release) is a key part of the strategy to promote offshore oil and gas exploration in Australia.

TGS data is available over the currently available release areas from the Australian Government and also over currently open acreage which has been nominated for the 2021 acreage release.

TGS’s database consists of the cost effective 2Dcubed projects allowing for rapid regional evaluation thru to high quality modern 3D data allowing for effective evaluation of exploration & development targets.

Modern Seismic

The key to ongoing success in Australia is high quality modern seismic data. As well as acquiring new seismic data TGS have an ongoing program of reprocessing legacy seismic data to ensure that the latest technology is used over our extensive database.

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Data Coverage & Projects

TGS has extensive data coverage on the Northwest Shelf and Otway Basin. The database includes cost effective regional screening 2D and 2Dcubed data thru to modern high quality 3D seismic data. In total, TGS has over 175,000 square kilometers of 3D, 260,000 square kilometers of 2Dcubed data and over 500,000 kilometers of 2D. Environment permits area currently in place in the Carnarvon Basin and Otway Basin enabling 2D and 3D data acquisition adjacent to our current database.

Well Data Products

Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance.​ Fast and easy access to TGS' vast library of well data is available through R360, our unique subsurface intelligence portal.

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2021 Offshore Greenhouse Gas Storage Acreage Release

TGS subsurface data and studies cover all major basins on the NW Shelf of Australia including those in the 2021 GHG acreage release.  Find out more on our dedicated page:

2022 Australia GHG Acreage