Comprehensive Coverage Offshore Australia

TGS has extensive data coverage on the Northwest Shelf and Otway Basin. The database includes cost effective regional screening 2D and 2Dcubed data thru to modern high quality 3D seismic data. In total, TGS has over 175,000 square kilometers of 3D, 260,000 square kilometers of 2Dcubed data and over 500,000 kilometers of 2D. Environment permits area currently in place in the Carnarvon Basin and Otway Basin enabling 2D and 3D data acquisition adjacent to our current database.

Data Coverage Australia

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3D & 2D Cubed

Capreolus 3D

  • Coverage includes the Dorado Oil Discovery
  • 22,315 km2
  • Acquired in 2015
  • Located in Bedout & Beagle Sub Basins

Huzzas 3D

  • Acreage Opportunities
  • 2,200 km2
  • Reprocessed 2017-2020
  • Barrow Sub-Basin

Northwest Shelf

  • 2D cubed
  • 270,000 km2
  • Reprocessed 2018-2020
  • Regional Northwest Shelf


Olympus 3D

  • Coverage includes the Ironbark Well
  • 19,000 km2
  • Reprocessed 2017
  • Carnarvon Basin

North Carnarvon 3D

  • Acreage Opportunities
  • 55,000 km2
  • Reprocessed 2017-2020
  • Carnarvon Basin

Otway 3D

  • Acreage Opportunities
  • 8,200 km2
  • Reprocessed 2018-2019
  • Otway Basin


In recent times, there have been some significant technological advances in processing technology which have not only helped in acquiring new seismic data in a cost efficient way, but has also helped give new life to older data. With a combination of high end technology and HPC available we are able to get more than just the structural image of the subsurface such as velocity models, rock properties, fluid types etc. which in the end help de-risk prospects and also helps the drilling plans.

Well Data Products

TGS provides subsurface intelligence you can trust by sourcing and standardizing high quality well data in Australia. Take advantage of R360, our singular platform to access the largest volume of high quality digital subsurface data along with easy to use geoscience interpretation products. Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance. For further inquiries about our well data offerings, please reach out to

These products are immediately available for offshore Australia:

  • 2919 Wells & 50410 Products are associated with search
  • criteria.
  • Digital Curves (LAS) 339
  • Digital Curves (LAS+) 287
  • Digital Lithology (LAS) 3
  • Digital Mud Logs (LAS) 3
  • Directional Survey 205
  • Directional Survey Plus 8
  • Log Image 28625
  • SmartRASTER 26
  • Velocity Survey 700



Regional subsurface interpretation built using TGS’ vast well and seismic library. Available interpretation products in Australia Include:


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2020 Acreage Release

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has confirmed the Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release for 2020

Australian Acreage Release