Capreolus 3D

Coverage in the Bedout and Beagle Sub Basins

Coverage includes the Dorado Oil Discovery

The recent Dorado Discoveryis the latest discovery in the Bedout Basin, proving the presence of a prolific oil-rich petroleum system and effective Lower Triassic (Lower Keraudren) reservoirs at >4km burial depth. The discoveries have only been made with the benefit of the modern Capreolus 3D seismic data. The Dorado trap is dependant on a sideseal against a shale-filled canyon incising into the Lower Triassic reservoirs. The topseal is provided by the Hove Shales above the regional Caley U/C. The centre of the Bedout sub-basin appears to be mature for gas and condensate, whereas the less mature basin flanks have greater oil potential.

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The center of the Bedout sub-basin appears to be mature for gas and condensate, as seen in the Phoenix and Roc discoveries, whereas the less mature basin flanks have greater oil potential (Dorado). An important observation from drilling results is that the sandstones beneath the Cayley U/C are significantly better quality than those above the unconformity, despite greater depths of burial due to greater compositional maturity.

The Bedout sub-basin discoveries have proven that effective Triassic reservoir, seal and source rocks are present. The oil (46-49°API) and liquid-rich gas accumulations in the Bedout Basin have been typed to Triassic stagnant coastal lagoonal facies. These rocks have up to 16.5% TOC and HI’s of 490 mg/g in Roc-2 (Woodward et al. 2018). A potential modern day analogue is the Coorong Barrier Lakes system in South Australia.

Previous exploration drilling in 1990-2010’s had proven a petroleum system and good Triassic reservoir potential. However, commercial discoveries were only made once good quality 3D seismic data was acquired.

Fast track your understanding of the Bedout Sub-Basin with TGS’s Capreolus data and a RISC interpretation report which provides an independent view of the Bedout Sub-Basin over the Capreolus dataset.

TGS have an environment plan in place to allow for 3D seismic acquisition adjacent to the Capreolus 3D survey in areas where there is currently no 3D data coverage.

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