Barents Sea

Greater Castberg, Hammerfest Basin and Hoop

TGS offers a complete suite of data in the Barents Sea

TGS has more than 35 years of experience in acquisition and processing of seismic data in the Barents Sea and led the way in frontier exploration that has resulted in major discoveries such as the Wisting Field in the Hoop Fault Complex. TGS continues to test new technologies including P-Cable, TopSeis, EM and seep analysis.

Data Coverage & Projects

Since the first 2D surveys in 1986 and 3D survey in 2002, TGS has built the industry’s largest portfolio of modern regional 2D and 3D coverage over the most prospective areas, including the Greater Castberg, Hammerfest Basin, Hoop, and SW Barents Sea areas. In addition, TGS has modern EM coverage and seep studies based on 746 seafloor samples.

Greater Castberg

  • 5,168 km2
  • Polheim Terrace
  • Topseis™ Split-spread


  • 16,347 km2
  • Hoop Fault Complex
  • 2ms CFI reprocessed

Hammerfest Basin

  • 4,172 km2
  • Hammerfest Basin
  • Geostreamer

Our Data

Well Data Products

Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance.​ Fast and easy access to TGS' vast library of well data is available through R360, our unique subsurface intelligence portal.


Basin-wide studies combine TGS’ unparalleled volumes of well and seismic data with geological expertise, developed over 8 years, to provide insights that accelerate the exploration-cycle and reduce risk. The interpretation products we have available in the Barents Sea include:

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