North Sea

Norway, UK, Denmark and Holland

TGS changing Infrastructure Lead Exploration (ILX) in the North Sea

TGS has more than 40 years of experience in the acquisition and processing of seismic data in the North Sea. The basin-wise North Sea Renaissance (NSR) survey set the standard for recorded offsets and use of AVO for identifying and de-risking prospects. In 2018-2019 TGS broke new ground with the world’s largest multi-client Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) survey - Utsira OBN, a joint venture with AGS - offering densely sampled, full azimuth and ultra-long offset data for near-field exploration in a mature area of the North Sea. TGS is expanding the OBN coverage with the NOAKA OBN in 2021.

Data Coverage & Projects

Since the first 2D survey in 1981 and 3D survey in 2000, TGS has built the industry’s largest portfolio of modern regional 2D and 3D coverage in the North Sea. Key projects include the NVG/SVG (a JV with PGS), ZCD, and the Utsira and NOAKA OBN surveys.

Utsira OBN

  • 2,076 km2 AUR
  • Gudrun Terrace
  • PSDM


  • 437 km2 AUR
  • PSDM


  • 1,328 km2
  • SNS
  • PSDM

Our Data

AI Derivative Products

TGS aims to provide clients with a unique, previously unseen insight into the prospectivity of this region through the application of cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML). Derivative products will illuminate detailed structure, provide enhanced analysis and supply complex attributes at scales not hitherto achieved through OBN data. Learn more on our Utsira AI Products page.

Well Data Products

Our solution gives geoscientists the subsurface depth and breadth of knowledge to understand drilling risks, reduce uncertainty, and improve well performance.​ Fast and easy access to TGS' vast library of well data is available through R360, our unique subsurface intelligence portal.


Basin-wide studies combine TGS’ unparalleled volumes of well and seismic data with geological expertise, developed over 8 years, to provide insights that accelerate the exploration-cycle and reduce risk. Available interpretation products in the North Sea include:


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Utsira A.I. Derived Products

An entirely new suite of derivative seismic products to provide enhanced exploration insights through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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