Zechstein Carboniferous Devonion 3D Seismic

TGS changing ILX in the North Sea

An underexplored part of the North Sea

The Utsira OBN survey in the South Viking Graben was acquired in 2018 and 2019 in collaboration with AGS. The survey offers dense sampling and superb imaging quality with use of full azimuth and ultra-long offsets. To extract further value from the Utsira OBN dataset, TGS have ongoing reprocessing using Dynamic Matching FWI (DM FWI). OBN surveys naturally measure ultra-long offsets that is extracted from the data with deblending technology.

The first example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) geological interpretation on a large-scale, densely sampled OBN exploration dataset, is also available. This entirely new suite of derivative seismic products provides enhanced exploration insights through AI, especially in areas where Infrastructure Lead Exploration (ILX) is drawing increased focus from the E&P industry.

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