Tablelands 3D & North Tablelands 3D Overview

New data covering the 2020 Eastern Newfoundland Call for Bids Area

Tablelands and North Tablelands 3D

The fully merged and migrated Tablelands and North Tablelands 3D multi-client surveys, acquired in partnership with PGS, cover approximately 12,500 square kilometers in the eastern part of Orphan Basin. The uplift in image quality provided by these datasets will enable E&P companies to fully evaluate the open acreage ahead of the scheduled licensing round. The final Kirchhoff PSTM products delineate key Cretaceous and Jurassic source rock intervals, with potential producing reservoirs from Lower Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary.

Tablelands and North Tablelands, together with the Long Range survey to the south, reveal the play fairways of the Orphan Basin, demonstrating the numerous horsts, grabens and multiple prospective traps. All the necessary petroleum system elements in the Orphan Basin and discoveries to the east are identified on this broadband Geostreamer® technology data.

Acquisition for the area commenced in Q2 2018 and was completed by late Q3 2019. The  surveys were acquired using 8,100 meter offset 3D GeoStreamer® technology. Final Kirchhoff PSTM data products for the full project area was made available in Q2 2020.

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2022 Call for Bids

Subsurface Insight Ahead of the 2022 Eastern Newfoundland and South Eastern Newfoundland Call for bids. The 2022 East Coast Canada Call for Bids is expected to emulate the success of the recent Eastern Newfoundland bid rounds. Since 2018, over a billion dollars of successful bids have been submitted in this region by several exploration companies.

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