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TGS announces its first multi-client 3D survey in Indonesia

22 December 2010
PERTH, AUSTRALIA (22 December 2010) - TGS will commence a new multi-client 3D survey in the Tarakan Basin, offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia in the Celebes Sea.  The survey, TBN10, is the first ever multi-client 3D survey for TGS in Indonesia waters and will cover in excess of 1,600 km 2 .  The.

TGS announces multi-client 3D survey in Benin

09 December 2010
HOUSTON (9 December 2010) - TGS will commence a multi-client 3D survey Offshore Benin in blocks 5 and 6. This project covers roughly 4,000 km 2  in the deep water area of Benin.   Data acquisition will commence in January 2011 and is expected to be completed in Q2 2011.  This project is the second in.