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TGS commences extensive 2D reprocessing project in Northern Makassar Strait, Indonesia

31 March 2011

PERTH, AUSTRALIA (31 March 2011) - TGS has commenced an extensive multi-phase reprocessing program of 2D seismic data located in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia.   The first phase consists of 2,700 km of seismic data in the Northern Mahakam Delta.The original and reprocessed data support the.


TGS announces major offshore Faroe 2D reprocessing

29 March 2011

ASKER, NORWAY (29 March 2011) - TGS announces that it will conduct extensive reprocessing of over 13,550 km of 2D multi-client seismic data located in waters off the Faroe Islands.  This project, designated Offshore Faroe Reprocessing 2011, will extend to the UK/Faroe border.  The data for the.


TGS expands multi-client 3D seismic library offshore Indonesia

21 March 2011
PERTH, AUSTRALIA (21 March 2011) - TGS announces a second multi-client 3D seismic survey in the Tarakan Basin, offshore Northern Indonesia.  The survey, TBB11, will add over 1,820 km 2  of new 3D data to the previous survey announced in December 2010.  The TBB11 survey will increase coverage in this.

TGS signs letter of intent for 3D vessel

10 March 2011
Asker, Norway (10 March 2011) - TGS announces that it has signed a Letter of Intent with CGGVeritas to charter a high capacity vessel for  3D multi-client projects in Europe during the 2011 summer season.  The charter will begin before the end of April and will last for approximately 4 months.  The.

TGS announces 2011 Capital Markets Day

09 March 2011

ASKER, NORWAY (9 March 2011) - TGS will host its 2011 Capital Markets Day (CMD) on 8 June at Oslo Konserthus (Lille Sal) in Oslo, Norway.  The CMD will be arranged in cooperation with The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts (NFF).