PERTH, AUSTRALIA (21 March 2011) - TGS announces a second multi-client 3D seismic survey in the Tarakan Basin, offshore Northern Indonesia.  The survey, TBB11, will add over 1,820 km2 of new 3D data to the previous survey announced in December 2010.  The TBB11 survey will increase coverage in this area to nearly 3,500 km2.  The data is being acquired by the M/V Seisquest, with acquisition expected to complete in Q2 2011.

The TBB11 survey will be acquired over the southern part of the offshore Tarakan sub-basin, in an underexplored and poor data region.  The area forms part of the extensive Tertiary age play fairway covered by the earlier TBN10 multi-client 3D seismic survey to the north. The new data will assist in improving the understanding of the complex structural and stratigraphic setting of this important oil and gas province and particularly in prospect delineation and well planning.

The TBB11 multi-client 3D survey is supported by industry funding and also supports the Indonesia government's overall objective to attract exploration and raise production levels.