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TGS commences multi-client 3D survey in Faroe Shetland Basin

22 August 2012

ASKER, NORWAY (22 August 2012) - TGS has commenced acquisition of a 3D multi-client survey covering 1,520 km2 in Quads 208 and 217 of the Faroe Shetland Basin on the UK Continental Shelf, West of Shetlands. The Erlend West 2012 (EW12) survey is the industry's first 3D survey in this northern area.


TGS announces a fourth 3D multi-client seismic survey offshore Northwest Australia

20 August 2012

PERTH, AUSTRALIA (20 August 2012) - TGS announces a 3D multi-client seismic survey, Honeycombs, which covers 2,500 km2over the Exmouth Plateau in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, offshore NW Australia. This survey is located over acreage with 50% relinquishment due in February 2013 and is adjacent to.


TGS commences expansion of multi-client 2D database in Northeast Greenland

16 August 2012
ASKER, NORWAY (16 August 2012) - TGS has commenced expansion of a 2D multi-client survey covering 3,000 km in Northeast Greenland in partnership with Fugro.  The survey, NEG12, will enable customers to prepare for the announced Greenland Licensing Round in 2012/2013 and will be a significant.

TGS commences two 3D multi-client onshore surveys in Saskatchewan, Canada

15 August 2012
CALGARY, CANADA (15 August 2012) - TGS, through its newly acquired wholly-owned subsidiary Arcis Seismic Solutions, is pleased to announce commencement of two 3D multi-client surveys onshore Canada, totaling 308 km 2  in size. These high-resolution, wide aperture surveys are designed to image.

TGS announces Q2 2012 revenues of USD 215 million and increases full year guidance

02 August 2012

ASKER, NORWAY (2 August 2012) - TGS reports net revenues of USD 215 million in Q2 2012, compared to USD 136 million in Q2 2011, a 58% increase. This is the highest quarterly revenues in the Company's history. Investments were USD 162 million, up 162% from Q2 2011 2nd QUARTER HIGHLIGHTS