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TGS announces new proprietary 2D survey offshore Colombia

24 September 2012
HOUSTON (24 September 2012) - TGS has signed an agreement with Colombia's Agencia de Hidrocarburos (ANH) to acquire a new 10,000 km proprietary 2D survey offshore Colombia. Approximately 6,400 km of data will be acquired in the Caribbean and 3,600 km in the Pacific.  The seismic data will be.

TGS awarded 2012 Stockman Prize

20 September 2012

OSLO, NORWAY (20 September 2012) - TGS has been awarded the Stockman Prize for 2012. The prize is awarded annually by the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts to the listed company that has provided the best information to the finance market. TGS won the 2012 award in the open class, which.

TGS commences new multi-client 2D survey offshore Newfoundland

10 September 2012

HOUSTON (10 September 2012) - TGS in partnership with PGS have commenced a new 20,000 km multi-client 2D survey over the Northeast Newfoundland Shelf.