OSLO, NORWAY (20 September 2012) - TGS has been awarded the Stockman Prize for 2012. The prize is awarded annually by the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts to the listed company that has provided the best information to the finance market. 

TGS won the 2012 award in the open class, which included all companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Norwegian brokerage businesses, large institutions and the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts' members are involved in the nomination and voting process. In their assessment of the companies, the analysts evaluate the quality of the annual report, interim reports, corporate compliance, other publications, presentations and responsiveness to inquiries, amongst other things. 

The award was presented at the annual seminar of The Norwegian Association of Financial Analysts on financial reporting in Oslo on 20 September 2012. 

"We are honored to receive this recognition. The Stockman Prize represents a significant effort by many within TGS, including investor relations, corporate compliance, marketing and communications, finance and the management team," stated Kristian Johansen, TGS CFO. He went on to say, "TGS will continue to provide prompt and relevant information to the financial market and strive for additional improvement in communications. These unending initiatives will allow us to maintain the level of excellence represented by this prestigious award."