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TGS commences 2D multi-client seismic survey offshore Sierra Leone

19 March 2013
ASKER, NORWAY (19 March 2013) - TGS has commenced acquisition of a 2D multi-client survey offshore Sierra Leone.  The survey, SL13, will add 9,191 km of new 2D data to infill the existing 5,784 km of 2D data acquired in 2001. Upon completion of the SL13 survey, TGS will have approximately 15,000 km.

TGS announces commercial agreement to sell Fugro’s 2D multi-client library

18 March 2013

ASKER, NORWAY (18 March 2013) - TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA ("TGS") announces a commercial agreement to sell Fugro's 2D multi-client library. As a result of this agreement, Fugro provides TGS with an exclusive right to licence and market the majority of Fugro's multi-client 2D library and.


TGS announces two multi-client 3D seismic surveys in Norwegian Barents Sea

07 March 2013

ASKER, NORWAY (7 March 2013) - TGS will commence the Europe 2013 acquisition season with two 3D multi-client surveys in the Norwegian Barents Sea; Finnmark Platform 2013 (FP13) covering 3,500 km and the Hoop to Fingerdjupet 2013 (HF13) covering 8,600 km2.