ZXPLR offers exploration-scale surveys for any depth.

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OBN technology for deep or shallow water

With ZXPLR technology, we simplify node management, maintenance and inventory even further - offering flexibility.

This hybrid system is suitable for deep and shallow water via passive-rope or ROV deployment. High-Speed Loader (HSL) capacity is increased in deepwater applications, employing mid-water docking and active heave controls on HSL and ROV systems. In shallow-water operations, hands-free rope connection/disconnection and automated retrieval/deployment offer greater safety and efficiency.


Supports deep and shallow water operations


High accessibility and repeatability


High-efficiency battery charging


Greater system performance monitoring


Increased data-collection rates


High-density storage capabilities


Improved management of large unit counts

OBN technology designed to improve project economics

Emerging imaging technologies demand densely sampled, longer offset, full-azimuth data. ZXPLR delivers it more economically than ever, with redesigned deployment methods allowing exploration-scale surveys in any depth.

Onboard data QC is also automated, enabling processors to quickly and consistently verify node data, while simplifying downstream processing and node performance tracking.


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