Distributed Acoustic Sensing

We offer Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) VSP processing solutions for 3D and 4D reservoir and carbon storage monitoring. These include presurvey modeling and acquisition design, 3D and 4D processing and imaging as well as advanced model building technologies such as DM FWI using DAS VSP data.

TGS - DAS VSP Feasibility Modeling for CCS

DAS VSP Feasibility Modeling for CCS

We can analyze acquisition feasibility, predict subsurface illumination, and optimize source-receiver geometry with state-of-the-art acquisition design and modeling techniques for distributed acoustic sensing data. 

DAS VSP Noise Attenuation

Our denoise strategy will leverage our powerful onshore and offshore surface seismic toolkit. These AVO-compliant algorithms tend to rely on pattern recognition for noise discrimination rather than on a deterministic noise description. They are thus readily suited to suppressing the noise trains typically observed on DAS VSP data.

DAS VSP Full Wavefield Imaging

Our advanced DAS VSP full wavefield imaging treats the free-surface bounce as a virtual source, thereby decreasing incident angles at depth and extending the range of illumination along the reflector for a fixed source-receiver offset.