Why Senegal?

Searching for new exploration opportunities in the MSGBC basin has identified many untested prospects. In addition, recent trends have been chased from the discovery wells at the FAN and SNE wells, making the region ripe for further discoveries.

Our Data

In 2020 and 2021, TGS acquired and processed more than 15,500 km2 of broadband 3D seismic offshore The Gambia and in deepwater Senegal, complemented by a regional multibeam survey and seabed coring samples, which are adding to an already extensive 3D and 2D seismic library. The surveys have been designed to illuminate plays in the deepwater, enabling explorers to build upon the success the basin has experienced with the Sangomar field, the GTA complex, and the Yakaar discoveries.


Our Data Coverage

TGS - Gambia Senegal Spec Decomp

Senegal's Geology

In Deepwater Senegal, organic-rich shales can be unequivocally mapped by the seismic signature of a low-frequency trough and its respective AVO response underneath the carbonate shelf and in the most distal areas of the abyssal plain (confirmed by DSDP well 367). 

Seismic amplitude analysis in conjunction with basin modeling suggests the play at around 3–4 km below seafloor working with an oil-mature Aptian- Albian source rock: Several deepwater channel and lobe systems have been identified within the Albian to Coniacian intervals on the 3D surveys.

The Mid–Late Cretaceous turbidite influx sediments have been redistributed by bottom currents, reworking them into mixed turbidite and contourite systems offshore Senegal present as sediment waves. These may be developed into prospects for their closing nature during deposition, corroborated by amplitude brightening and AVO anomalies.

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